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Harris Scarfe

Founded in 1849 as Adelaide’s own Department Store, Harris Scarfe has navigated over 170 years of change to become what it is today.

With a vision to help Australians feel proud about themselves and their home, the focus is on delivering quality products and well-known brands at promotional prices that are the best in the business.

Within a small format department store model which customers find convenient and easy to shop, the commitment to a broad and deep range in core departments cooking and entertaining, bathroom, bed linen and bed accessories means customers turn to their local Harris Scarfe as their first choice when looking for items to improve their home.

National and international brands make a statement about the focus on quality, as do private brands including ranges designed exclusively by Shaynna Blaze, Jane Lamerton and Poh. The offer in apparel gives customers a choice of national and international brands across intimates, sporting and footwear, as well as outerwear designed around seasonal updates, including the exclusive range of womenswear by Jane Lamerton.

The Cooking Club and Linen Club provide exclusive insights, recipes and information about exciting areas of interest for our customers. While the HS Friends programme delivers exclusive deals and early access to our biggest sales events for members.

Supporting the product offer is a strong promotional programme, backed by regular advertising across all channels, which assures customers that they will always pay the best possible price without having to compromise on quality.

It’s an offer that is balanced to meet the needs of customers, who rewarded the brand with the Roy Morgan Research Customer Satisfaction Award for Discount Department Stores in 2019.

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