Alara Investments is Spotlight Group Holdings’ diversified investment division. Through its Investment Committee, Alara manages a portfolio of investment assets on behalf of the Group.

Alara funds a significant portfolio of property finance transactions, and has facilitated the development of a range of mostly residential projects throughout Australia in recent years. Beyond property finance, Alara invests in a variety of diversified investments, including venture capital, private equity, direct local and international equities, managed funds and other alternative investments.

The Group is a patient, long term investor focused on absolute as opposed to index relative investment returns.

The Group is proud and protective of its good reputation in the communities in which it operates and it considers investments with its reputation and values in mind.

Scam Warning

We wish to warn customers and investors of a financial scam that has been brought to our attention.

A financial advisor calling themselves “Michael Masters” of Edison Global is purporting to offer investments in bonds on the false basis that Alara is the custodian of the financial investments being offered.

This is a scam.  Alara has no association with the third party or these purported financial investments.

If you have received any investment offers or proposals from third parties purporting to be associated with Alara, please contact us to verify their authenticity.

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